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10 Life-Saving Tips About Men’s Health


Preventative measures can often be the best medicine. Even if you’re just a young professional, you can destroy your body if you’re making a few key mistakes.
Pace Yourself

Yes, a few drinks with the guys, or cigars with an important client, or tequila shots with a high end escort are fun, but they shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Regular, frequent smoking and drinking can not only cause stress to your vital organs, such as your liver and lungs, but drinking can make you gain a large amount of weight (and fast), while smoking can ensure you don’t perform as well because your body can’t get enough oxygen – whether that be on the tennis courts, the golf course or in the bedroom. Read More

Master The Art Of Romantic Holidays With These 5 Tips


Nothing is more romantic than what seems like a spur of the moment trip to surprise your favorite girl. Here are 5 tips and tricks to make it happen. Read More

Dark Tip 5: Steps To Dating The Russian Blondes Of Your Dreams

Russian Blonde Escort London

Russian Blondes Have Fun & Super Glamorous in A Package So, finally you’re a wealthy Russian oligarch stuck in London in a very dry meeting who craves the attention of a pretty girl from the homeland, how do you date … Read More